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Introduction of Laughing Horse

Herewith is presented “The Laughing Horse” a magazine of polemics, phillippics [sic], satire, burlesque and all around destructive criticism, edited, written and financed by four more or less like-minded young persons, who find education as it is perpetrated in America, and especially at California, a somewhat gaudy farce with lachrymose overtones but withal a spectacle par excellence. “We propose to take nothing too seriously, to hold nothing sacred, to subject anything or everything which seems to affect too pontifical an air, too solemn an attitude, to ribald ridicule. Our aim is frankly destructive, regardless of the attitude of the English Club on that kind of criticism. We are not reformers; we are not architects. We are the wrecking gang, hurlers of brickbats, shooters of barbs, tossers of custard pie. We are not bitter; we are not ill-natured; we are not soreheads. We are simply tired of the incessant bleating of professorial poloniuses and their spineless imitators, the blather of campus politicians, the palpable tosh of [the Daily] Cal. and Pelly [Pelican] and Occident editorials, the silly chatter of our half-baked Hobsons, Bryans and Orison Swett Mardens. We seek not simply to shock by our derisive irreverence of sacred things which are largely ridiculous in their very nature, but merely to come out with a merry horse-laugh.

Inaugural issue, Laughing Horse, Apologia. No.1 (Nov. 1922): 2.

The English Review

“The state of the present world of poetry is curious and worthy of attention [__] poets and publishers declare that there are no readers: poets and readers declare that there are no publishers: and publishers and readers declare that there are no poets.” “We wait, in fact, for the poet who, in limpid words, with clear enunciation and, without inverted phrases, shall give the mind of the time sincere frame and utterance.”

Ford Madox Hueffer