1. Subspaces

Access the information about the subspace of your interest. Each new space is published in it’s initial stage in order to sell hundred participation points.

2. Availability

Every subspace is open for investment. The ones who appear in green are new.
Once all of the participation points are sold the name of the subspace will appear in red. If you are interested in investing in one of this subspaces you will find a link to send an e-mail to all of the present investors at the end of the page; if there is somebody interested in selling his participation he will get in contact with you. The value of the participation points are established by each investor.

3. Sign

When your deposit is confirmed you will sign a joint venture and a civil document (DCO) will be issued for you so you can sell your participations without the intervention of ELHC.

4. Monitoring

A user name and a password will be assigned to you in order to monitor your investment.


*The subspeces who appear in blu operate through donations, if you are interested in in one of this you can do it via PayPal and find the link at the end of the page of each subspace.