Food, drinks, publications and library

Avenida México Coyoacán 389, local 1, Xoco, Benito Juárez, C.P. 03330, Ciudad de México, México.

Opening date: 2013.08.26
Area: 84m².

Lunes a domingo de 10:00 h a 23:00 h.

T. 6390 1096

CBR was a subspace where you could enter and pick products of fast consumption: drinks, snacks, ready-to-eat meals, groceries and publications; it worked like a passage in which different sections were horizontally divided through illuminated shelves. There was a table with a water jug, a coffee machine, chocolates, gum, cigars, lollipops, and the cash register; a LED screen for advertisements and a display-refrigerator.

The products were selected through the platform YOUR PRODUCT IN CBR. It also worked as a platform for presenting and selling publications edited by us.

CBR was thought to be replicable.


** CBR02 was located inside the Cineteca Nacional in the Xoco neighborhood. It had four shelves: READY-TO-EAT MEALS, DRINKS, PUBLICATIONS and SNACKS.



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