Custom furniture, Furniture for Public Use, plants, coffee, popsicles, beer, wine, library, karaoke and events.

Miguel Schultz 146-L1 esquina con Sullivan, San Rafael, Cuauhtémoc, C.P. 06470, Ciudad de México, D.F., México.

Opening date: 2013.12.22
Area: 40m².

Lunes a domingo de 08:00 h a 22:00 h.

T. 5578275049

It is a subspace that can host all kinds of events and projects.

The size of the place facilitates its activation, and the sidewalk can also be used as part of the subspace.

Everything is for sale or rent, and ready to be used. MUEBLES SULLIVAN offers custom furniture –basics, accessible pieces, simple materials and strange proportions–, Furniture for Public Use, plants, coffee, popsicles, beer, wine, photocopies (Biblioteca E_L_H_C) and karaoke. 

The furniture is the result of an ongoing research at APRDELESP (an architectural office) and Furniture for Public Use. We also provide scale models of the furniture, allowing people to work with them during their design process.

*Download: Catalog - June 2016



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